ერთი ბიჭის ისტორია

15 აგვისტო 2021
15 აგვისტო 2021
15 აგვისტო 2021

ერთი ბიჭის ისტორია

I want to tell you about a boy.

He was from Kutaisi. He did not love Tbilisi since childhood. He loved horses. In his dreams, he saw how he was riding on a horse with his squads, and how he was making fun of the people of Tbilisi. He was a strong boy, a brawler, he had a big knife and he swung it well. However, he loved order.

He was 16 years old when his father gave him the family business to manage. It turned out to be a talent for management, things were going well.
He was thinking about many things, he was troubled by many ideas.

His father told him that we are of Jewish origin, and gave him a Jewish name, although he was baptized in the Orthodox faith. His great-grandmother was Armenian, and his grandmother was Ossetian. His wife was first Armenian (then she threw him out of the house and made him a nun), and then he had a migrant sister (born somewhere between the Don and the Volga). He wanted to bring his lawless brothers to Georgia - he was sure that they would not betray him - he had no hope for the people of Kutaisi, even more so for the people of Tbilisi. Not just one or two people, but many wanted to settle down.

He was a believer, but he could not sort things out with the church. The church supported his rivals. And he didn't like it, if any thug and old boy could first call him a bully, then donate money to the church and become a good guy, maybe even a bishop. Bribes were not accepted in the church, if suddenly they made a priestly career with Blat, etc. He was very fond of Amae. I longed for a split in the church, and for someone like me to be promoted. He put his business higher than the church.

He also had strange opinions about taxes - as if there should be benefits for Georgians, but he thought the opposite - wherever Georgians go, they will still be here, and foreigners should have to pay less taxes.

Many did not like him, many fought, he was ruthless, if you interfered in his work, he would destroy you.

What do you think about it?

What should a brilliant man from Tbilisi, of Georgian origin and Jilag, say when he feasts like a man with the money stolen from the treasury during Shevardnadze's time and drinks the toast of Georgia from a different glass, but now the Sorozists and liberals have sold his homeland, lost his job and are taking away his Georgianness?

What will many intelligent politicians say if they consider foreign origin to be ugly?

What will a Georgian mother say when she tells her son not to marry an Armenian, a Russian, or a Muslim?

What will the religious leaders of the parents' union say?

What will some say that Georgian production will save Georgia, otherwise the government does not help it, it is looking for foreigners?

  • The boy became king in 1089.
  • 1103 წელს მოიწვია რუის-ურბნისის კრება, გადააყენებინა უღირსი სამღვდელო პირები, მწიგნობართუხუცესისა და ჭყონდიდელის თანამდებობების გაერთიანებით დაუქვემდებარა ეკლესია სახელმწიფოს (რაც ოთხი საუკუნის მერე გააკეთა ჰენრი მერვემ ბრიტანეთში და ხუთი საუკუნის შემდეგ პეტრე პირველმა - რუსეთში).
  • 1118 წელს საქართველოში ჩამოასახლა რამდენიმე ათეული ათასი ყივჩაღთა ოჯახი, რაც ქართული მოსახლეობის (სავარაუდოდ, 100 ათასი ოჯახი) მნიშვნელოვანი წილი იყო.
  • 1122 წელს, დიდგორის ბრძოლაში გამარჯვებიდან არცთუ დიდი ხნის შემდეგ, ალყა შემოარტყა და სისხლისმღვრელი ბრძოლით დაიპყრო თბილისი, სამი დღე ალაფი აკრეფინა თავის რაზმებს და შემდეგ, ქალაქში მოსახლეობის და გამოცდილების შესანარჩუნებლად, დაუწესა გადასახადი ასე: მუსლიმებს - სამი დინარი, ებრაელებს - ოთხი, და ქართველებს - ხუთი.

In 1125, after doing many other things, at the age of 53, the good servant David IV Bagration was executed, the king called the builder of all Georgia, the king of the Abkhazians, Georgians, Rants, Kakhtians and Armenians, the biblical David's family, the grandson of Osi Borena and the great-grandson of the Armenian Mariam Arsruni, Wife of Rusudan Armenian king-daughter and Gurandukht Kivchaghtmavar Athrakas-daughter.

He wrote about himself:

But I sold myself as a slave to impure passions.

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